No opening hours, no menu, no complications.

Mapu is an experimental kitchen, not a restaurant. It's a creative outlet for Chef Giulio Sturla to try new things, and he welcomes you to join him in his discoveries. At Mapu, you'll be served in-season and locally-sourced food, cooked right in front of you by Giulio. You'll hear the stories about where the food comes from, who's responsible for growing and harvesting it, and how Giulio devised the recipes you'll enjoy.

Join us, with up to only five others, for an intimate dining experience you'll never forget.

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"Real food can't be found in a restaurant, it can only be found in a home."

— Giulio Sturla

Mapu is derived from "Mapuche"
— a group of indigenous people from present-day Argentina and Chile, where Giulio was born.

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